About Us

Jezreel International, a faith-based 501(c)(3) humanitarian aid organization, was realized in September of 1996 as a response to seeing the dire straits of the poor in the former soviet union. My heart was captured, my life ... altered.

It was at that point that the divine mandate of Isaiah 58 became one of the primary purposes of my existence: "Is this not the fast that I have chosen, says the Lord... to extend ourselves to the hungry, clothe the naked and satisfy the afflicted soul." It was from that mandate that Jezreel was birthed.

Since that time, we have been divinely privileged to have shipped desperately needed medical and hospital supplies, food, clothing, furniture, building supplies, personal care and hygiene products, baby products, toys, new shoes and sneakers to over 40 nations in need. Some of these nations are: Israel, Ukraine, Belarus, Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Jamaica, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Philippines, Malawi and many more.. In addition, we also have been blessed to be a resource for area rescue shelters for battered women, drug and alcohol rehab facilities, pro-life pregnancy centers, inner-city ministries & food pantries as well as several veterans' relief organizations.

Jezreel is a partnering member of TECH – a large network of international humanitarian aid organizations. This wonderful connection has opened up doors to excellent resources for products and information.

In November of 2014, we started the Veterans Miracle Center, a special place for veterans to receive the necessities of life in a retail-style resource center at no charge. Visit www.vmcalbany.org for more information.

Our financial statements – including our 990 IRS reports – are always available for review.

We thank GOD for His amazing grace -- for what He has done, and for what He is about to do! And we thank you, our precious partners, who have so freely given and supported us both prayerfully and financially.

Barry Feinman
President and Founder

Board of directors
Rev. Jay Francis, Chairman
Rev. Tom Sardella, Secretary
Peter Stapf, Treasurer
Toni Feinman, Board Member

Board of advisors
Elayne Flamm, President
James Haggerty
Thomas Maggs